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Jan 19, 2013

Blogsvertise (Job Review)

BlogvertiseBlogsvertise is a blog advertising service which allows bloggers to earn revenue simply by blogging. Our company works with many advertisers who are always looking for innovative, unique websites on which to advertise. Our service connects advertisers to bloggers who primarily focus their writing on a topic relevant to the advertiser.

For example, an advertiser who sells cleaning supplies contacts us and informs us as to what type of blog they would be interested in advertising on. If they select blogs classified in the Home and Garden category, for example, an email is sent out to bloggers who have classified their blog in that category. This ensures that a blogger is advertising a product or service which is relevant to his or her readers as well.

Types of Advertisements Available
We offer a variety of ads that you can use on your blog.  Bloggers can choose which types of ads they would like to use.
  •  Blog Entry – Write a blog post reviewing the advertiser's product or website.
  • Guest post – Copy and paste a pre-written entry (or "guest post") about a product or service.
  • Text Link – Place a link on your blog's home page that goes to the advertiser's site. You will be paid monthly.
  • Banner Ad – Add a banner (picture) to the home page of your blog that links back to the advertiser's website. You will be paid monthly.
  • Pay Per Click (PPC) – Add a link or banner that links back to the advertiser's website. You will get paid every time one of your readers clicks on the link.
  • Pay Per Action (PPA) – Add a link or banner that links back to the advertiser's website. You will be paid every time one of your readers goes to the advertiser's website and completes an action such as completing a purchase, filling out a form, registering to become a member, or submitting an email address.
How We Send Out Tasks

Bloggers can get tasks in two different ways: grab bag or assignment. For grab bag, eligible bloggers can check the grab bag and see if there are any tasks that they would like to complete.

The other way bloggers get tasks is when our system sends out tasks randomly based on an advertisers criteria. Our advertisers may ask that we send out tasks based on category, location, or popularity. Sometimes advertisers will hand-pick blogs themselves. When tasks are assigned, bloggers will receive an email with instructions. We also consider a blogger’s responder rate. Learn how to get more tasks.

To continue the Beginner Tutorial, Learn how to Do Assignments for Blogsvertise 

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