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Jan 22, 2013

Online History tutors


Tutorial or help or tutoring is tutoring by tutors who are academic to student (tutee) to help smooth the process of learning an Independent individual student or group of related teaching materials. Tutorials conducted face-to-face or remotely based on the concept of self-learning.

The concept of self-learning in the tutorial implies that the tutorial is a learning aid in order to trigger and encourage self-reliance, discipline, and self-initiative in student learning by minimizing interference from the learner known as Tutor. Tutorial is the basic principle of "independent student" (student's independency). Tutorial no, if independence does not exist. If students do not learn at home, and come to tutorials with 'empty head', then there is the "lecture" and not a tutorial. Thus, conceptually tutorial should be distinguished clearly by the "lecture" (lecturing) prevailing in college face to face, in which the role of the teacher is very great.

Concepts Tutor in some countries is used in many meanings. In British universities, Australia, New Zealand, Italy, and several universities in Canada, tutors are graduate students (postgraduate) or lecturer assigned to conduct a seminar graduate students known as the tutorial. In the U.S. and most of Canada, the tutor is a teacher assistant (teaching assistant). At the University of Cambridge, tutor is a college employee who is responsible for pastoral care (pastoral care) for students in the enforcement of discipline, while the Academic Advisor (Director of Studies) is responsible for the progress of the study group of students in one field of science. The results of the implementation of the tasks they reported to the Senior Tutor.

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