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Feb 17, 2013


VBS short for Visual Basic Scripting Edition, is a programming language developed by Microsoft which is a scripting language derived from the programming language Visual Basic.
You may often find the file with extension vbs (* .vbs) file, or you may never mess around with notepad and file with extension vbs disave, or you ever friend dijaili, which causes the computer to work abnormally after you run the file with extension vbs.

To stop, or exit the progam vbs that no exitnya menu (no menu discharge), the easiest way is to restart the computer.

But there's an easier way, faster and more practical without having to restart the computer, is by way of stopping it via Task Manager.

Open Task Manager (press Ctrl + Alt + Del simultaneously) and select Start Task Manager
The Task Manager window will appear, select the Processes Tab.
Search wscript .exe, when it's found, highlight/select then click on the End Process button.

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