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Mar 26, 2013

Causes Internet Smartfren Dead

The internet service of CDMA operators Smartfren impaired since a few days ago.

The cause is rupture of submarine cable located between the islands of Bangka and Batam, on Friday, March 15, 2013 last. Optical cable is broken due to exposure to anchor the ship. This information was revealed from the "chirp" Communication and Information Minister Tifatul Sembiring through Twitter account @ tifsembiring. Tifatul pass on information acquired directly from the Smartfren.

The number of complaints from customers Smartfren make MCIT had to intervene directly asked to the Smartfren. Tifatul started his explanation with the following tweet, "This guy Ans smartfren about 'not connetct', I was trying to help, ask Mark. Then adlh consumer rights, hold or move operators."
Here's the answer from the Smartfren as written Tifatul:
- March 15: Jar. internet submarine Smartfren main broke between Bangka - Batam, hit anchor MPA. Internet dpt hnya 60%.

- March 16: Network backup inland drop in Palembang Sumatra, because landslides. Internet can be served by the path protection capacity of 30%

- March 17: line protection also suffered a cut in the area of South Sumatra, Internet services can be served only 10% capacity.

- March 18: Additional network of party-3 (Matrix submarine) operations, capacity Internet network to 50%.

- March 23: Matrix network Submarine had cut. Internet service returned just 10%.

- March 26: today is expected network restoration is completed, and additional capacitation. Internet service is expected to reach 80% capacity


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