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Mar 26, 2013

Microsoft Also Attacked Hacker

Microsoft became the latest U.S. technology company has confirmed the target computer hacking.

In a blog post, Microsoft announced that''fraction'' of their computer was recently infected with malicious software.

The company said they did not find any hackers accessed customer data, but called the incident investigation is continuing.
In this paper Friday, Microsoft spokesman Matt Thomlinson said:'' This type of attack is not surprising for Microsoft and other companies have to grapple with a tenacious and persistent enemy. '

From China?

On Tuesday, Apple also said their computers were attacked by the same hackers who attacked Facebook the week before.

At that time, Facebook said they had traced the cyber attacks that infiltrated their employees laptops from China.

While China claimed reports linking the country's military units involved in the act of hacking to U.S. targets, disability.

In a statement, the defense ministry said the report lacks "technical evidence" when using an IP address to connect the act of hacking into their military units.


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