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Jan 19, 2013

New Bloggers and Advertisers Display Ad Services

his month, we are rolling out an exciting new option for advertisers and bloggers. Banner or text ad display advertising has long been a popular option in the internet marketing arena, and now advertisers can use our display ads to maximize their visibility within our network of premium blogs.

For webmasters looking to promote their sites, banners are a logical way to ensure high-quality exposure and maximize branding potential. Our sales team can help you locate the most relevant ad spaces, targeting your search by demographics like topic, location, and gender. With more than 100,000 blogs in our network spanning more than twenty verticals, it's easy to find a perfect match for companies that want wide-scale, relevant publicity.

For bloggers, display ads are a transparent, convenient way to monetize their sites with minimum effort. By signing up for our new program while it's still in beta, blog writers get to select where their ads will appear, how big they are, and how much they get paid for each one. After installing a short code on their sites, visitors will be able to see their ads and also see how to go about advertising with them. At the same time, we'll promote the ad space to our related advertisers. Then Blogsvertise will handle billing and payments to keep things running smoothly on a monthly basis.

Display advertising gives both advertisers and bloggers the opportunity to return to a classic marketing format while still capitalizing on the strength of blogger buzz and influence. Our sales team is happy to provide you with more information, recommendations, and support so give us a call today!


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